WASHINGTON—In Mother City, the debut novel written by Starner Jones, Cape Town is an unlikely setting for Islamic terror, but in Bo-Kaap, the city’s peaceful Muslim enclave, Imam Rauf preaches a theology of austerity, obedience and sacrifice.

When the multibillionaire Goldwyn family settles in the Western Cape, they learn firsthand the implications of a radical imam’s preaching. Cultures collide in the wake of a family crisis as the Goldwyns face off with an insidious form of jihad that has long existed but always been ignored.

Mother City leaves readers with a coldly objective impression of the postmodern world where danger lurks at every turn, even in unexpected places, and where unilateral actions beyond state control may indeed constitute the most effective way to protect the West.

Mother City will be published by World Ahead Press on October 17, 2017.

Starner Jones is an award-winning author and physician. His novella, Purple Church, won the 2011 George Garrett Fiction Prize.

Mother City is his debut novel.

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